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03-03-2011, 06:51 AM
Thank you BigRedJedi for starting this one. I just checked the last one and noticed that they closed it. I was getting ready to start a new one when I noticed this. OK people, lets keep this one clean. Stay on top of the censorship of the posts you make and no more links to bad language we want to keep this one going.

Now for the complaint, I bust chops at Ker'rat all the time and I whine and complain too yet I've never made one of these amusing chats lists. I am really annoyed at that. I guess I will have to try harder next the next times.

I've seen a ton of great chats but I never saved them (my mistake). You gotta love it when people PM you and then complain for no reason. I had one guy do it when the 2nd Romulan featured episode came out. Out of no where I get a PM that says:

"You are a low life name stealing cheater. That name's been used since the beta version of the game you <bleep>. You should not be allowed to play this <bleep> game. It's <bleep> people like you that make games like this bad. I'm reporting you for thievery you stupid <bleep>."

Then I was put on his ignore list. I only wanted to tell him that my name has been my avatar since December 2008 and that I have used the name since beta. However I was not happy at all with the character so I had to delete him and start him over again (the skills and traits just didn't go together well).

Funny thing is that the names aren't exactly the same either. He uses the short version of it while I use the full version of the name. I do wish that the game only allowed a name to be used once, then I would be the only one with this name , but unfortunately it does not.

BTW, setting up the keg now, so it should be ready in a minute. BUT I'm not bringing the pizza too!!