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Originally Posted by wfs5519 View Post
another thing that may help the wandering a bit is the tricorder icon on the map hud. its a tiny button at the center left of that hud. its a crude compass, pointing you to interact-able and mission objects. unfortunately it is very indiscriminate, sometimes leading you to people, objects, and anomalies. i have suggested several times that that could be fleshed out more, and a good start would be to separate those functions. in any case, it is still helpful more often than not.
Ya I found it very strange that I would have trouble locating a person on a Starbase.

What I think they should do is crate a tri corder panel or communicator or something where you can do a database search on a person and find out his current location.... and when you get on the base he should be lit up like a candle on the hud display. Finding mission NPC's and specific locations on bases and such should be easy. I can understand on a mission you might need to search around in an area to find something but not in between missions when you are trying to "get to the fun stuff".

But the wiki link helped guys, thanks for that!

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