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# 14 Here it is.
03-03-2011, 07:57 AM
Okay Sh1ngara.
Here it is.

The mission is long an tedious. It doesn't offer anything else but more content for the klingon side. You have done your research though. Excellent use of all areas of foundry. There is a good story there, but it's like a 4hour version of Alexander. I hated that movie. Why would they make three different versions of a crap movie.

There is allot more to be said, But I'm Pooped. Bellow is my walk through response enjoy. Only take onboard what you want to though. Remember this is your mission. I did enjoy it and can't wait to play it once you have worked out some issues.

P.s Flush out the story allot more. Your missing allot of opportunities. Turn this patrol type mission into an epic adventure. I hope you can find someone else to play the next edit. Keep up the good work. It is refreshing to play a 1st mission that's not Crap.

And please check out my latest StarbaseUGC post. It might help.