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03-03-2011, 07:19 AM
Originally Posted by BrokenMirror
Never happened to me i did it like 7 times.
Me too, no problems... ran through it with all 6 of my characters, and walked my buddy through his.

Once you realize where the 'get behind the rocks' part is... you feel pretty stupid, because it was seriously like RIGHT NEXT TO YOU, when he says it. My first time I got lost too and killed everything and had to run ALL the way back to the beginning to figure it out. Once I found the rock formation, I was like "Oh my god... how incredibly stupid do I feel right now...". LOL

Once I found all the places I was supposed to go, I could run through the entire mission from beginning to end in about 35min with zero problems. It's an awesome mission and the reward is completely worth the trouble! All my characters are rocking the Reman shield right now, and DAYUM is it nice!