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Originally Posted by filbones View Post
Spoiler alert this is a mission in work review.

Not going to edit this, already too much time on this.
Orion Tac – Crappy Build – Lt Commander 8
hunter Moons, the Shadows Falls
Highlight AZURA sector in the description Box. Also ad a Sector Block.
First popup. Don't use last name. Didn't really work for my character. kk will change that
And at this point the mission is boring. I don't care for it. The audience needs a really valid reason to play your mission.
Okay pretty sure the Azura System is in Federation space and unavailable to Klingon's.
Checking anyway.
AHH dammit AZUR NEBULA. Major Klingon Noob.
Okay on the right path now. So far no grammatical errors, But I am Dyslexic too
So now you know my Process I write as I play so you can get my thoughts as well as my Critic.
I do not think about being nice or mean. I just write. It's up too you too do with it as you will.
Tah the Azure Nebula is in sight. Wow great start location. I don't play Klingon much.
Ahha found Grammatical error GOTO Azure Nebula. Go To The Azura Nebula. Will change even thought goto is a real word
[enter Nebula] couldn't tell if I was playing foundry or I'd end up in a STO mission. is that a bad thing if it feels like s to mission on the kdf side
Posible solution.
[Start hunter Moons, the Shadows Falls]
[Investigate Missing ships]
Unless you want it to feel apart of the STO content.
Mission Popup {Coordinates} [For = From] I do that too.
[Enter nebula] Use capitals when appropriate or you want to highlight something.
1st popup in Nebula. Pad? The pod was fired off from the bait ship, its all in the mission info when you take it
Ahh pod were worse than each other. i=I You dont have to scan it, its auto found when you warp in as thats what you beam too
Full stops at end of sentence .......
Good use of way point marker.
Is this the actual Azure nebula they use in game content? no its the badlands effect, i have a reason for it, an as its a nebula i thought hell to it why not it works
Scan for lifesigns – Would Klingon care or use that type of Dialog? As it states in the mission info, you are looking for the missing KDF who have gone missing whilst on patrols and the bait ship that was sent to find them and draw out who was taking them
Interact button text can be changed. I usually do. But inkeeping with sto, good work.
Ahh enemies. Not ready for combat. Not a very good Klingon am I.
If the Hirogen Invaded I think They would have more than Scorpian Fighters
Arn't the Hirogen part of the empire Now? Never mind me...
Continue button can also be change at the authors consent.
Thought I was playing Fed again. Thought it would have been nice to scan for the ships. Like i say your tryin to find the missing peeps and the bait ship an so would i but i dont know how to make ships scanable via the ingame ships scan so u press v and it points you
Okay you need to change the NAVbeacon title. I'm going to Scan Ships. tryin to work out how to spawn and despawn the nav beacons. was my 1st go at foundry
Yes the Constitution class. Were are the feds let me at em.
Man I need to Transfer my Klingon character. My old build sucks.
Enemy incoming. There is intrigue and I'm finally curious as to why the Hirogen wouldn't want me near the Federation ships.
I'm getting mostly seeker frigates. I like that they could be scavengers and not part of the story. hirogen are hunters, what your facing is the scout forces
Was upset that there wasn't another Ship Debrie though. there isnt another fed but there is a reason which was in the message you got when you scanned them
Okay I like the fact that you can scan the final debris without killing the third wave of enemies.
I didn't like the fact that the three encounters were all on the one course.
YAY finally a hunter escort after scanning the ship. Killed me though this build has no Hull repair.
Respawn Point could have been closer. ye im gonna redo the respawns didnt know how hard peeps would find it, last thing i wanted was tons of respawn sites for no reason
Use more respawn points please...
Okay and don't have a waypoint so now I'm glad all the enemies are in a line across the map.
Oh and when I got back there was a friendly awesome.
Okay had to zoom in to find the next contacts. Could of Missed it. Use reach marker and make the Dimension bigger.
Ah Navbeacon again.
Having to use big map.
Finally found them an am above them by like 20klm
Okay enemies are doing something weird warping in and out. ye double warping, i have no idea why they are doing that
Okay just killed 2 enemies near a contact Klingon vessel. Just to get you up to date were the hell I am.
Goto next ship On scanners.
Oh I'm beaming people awsome.
Yes Hrirogen contact finally getting into some story. It's been a long Road, getting for there to here.....
Bit of a glitch in your [/Missioninfo].
I don't trust him why would I give him the codes? hes the bait ship and hes Nausicaan :p as in KDF and hes giving you the codes not you giving him them
Going to minning station.
Okay Talon battleship what is going on. Talon is nausican battleship
Your mission has me so confused I had to ask questions to my fleet that usualy come to me on a normal day. Who are the Hirogen Who are the Nausicans. Aren't they part of the klingon empire. Hirogen are semi alleganced with the romulans
Ahha Finally scanning Beacon.
It needs a way marker. Some might get lost after a battle.
I liked the dialog after scanning the beacons. Kirk um sorry I mean Rank.
Wait it's telling me to look at something amazing and there is nothing. And now I'm beaming were? ye the station should apear but for some reason its stopped working. i think i got a work around though
Was it the sun you were trying to emphasis. I'm so lost.
Beaming Down.
I'm tired already. This mission is becoming a grind.
1st popup. I didn't get a chance to read before being attacked. they dont attack until you close it that is unless your boffs attack them
[Out of mission review. I have been trying to level my Klingon character for ages like a month now. I'm currently at commander on Holodeck I think. I have only just realized why. I forgot I wanted to do an alt totally on The advanced difficulty setting. I had forgotten about this many weeks ago. It is now my fleet maneuverer.]
Holy crap thats a lot of Hirogen.
Shame My character sux I love a good Zerg.
Died 3 times. Good battle.
Okay thats a federation door dude. Lol
On other side of door immediately attacked. well ye, your invading there station there going to be a little peeved and try to stop you
Be wary of the shoot through wall foundry bug. ye im not sure how we can get around that though, its totally on cryptics end
Do I really have to kill 5 more Hirogen . Good wander Use.
Got creamed. Died.
Ow dude respawn point in the middle thats just too crule.
These groups are way to hard. But I probabley would be enjoying if playing on an alt.
3/5 hirogen-coffee break 45minutes in. Mind you I have been typing all this.
I don't usually type this much.
There was 4/5 but 6 left on map. Is one supposed to be a boss fight because I think I've fudged it. no you dont have to kill all, only the ones to complete, if you wanna dodge em you can, if you wanna kick the 7 bells out of em go for it.
Please no more fighting.
6 consoles is a bit ridiculous. they are ontop of each other
Another fed door.
Two high lights in one text box is offputting.
Typing on door. Hmm and then It disappears. Force field would have been nice.
Okay 0/5 more.....
I have a fed mindset but this is all brown and no insight.
Okay repawn point.
I'm slowly figuring out tactics to kill these things faster.
Accolade for longest first mission ever.
Console position not good.
And the cargo boxes flash.
Third fed door.
I like 0/3 enemies
I think that was a boss battle if so good boss battle.
“Video link” me like.
Okay now onto the boss. Finaly yay..
holy crap.
AhAHAH there having a party. Well I'll have to something about that. Put me through all this die...
I lured him into the corridor so I didn't have to kill more than the boss. He was tough though.
And stealth cloak to get to the console.
Damn didnt' work ye i made it so you have to actually use some tactics not autofire keboom, u use autofire to pull in there an your cheese
Respawn point getting annoyed.....
Okay used Stealth and lured them away from the console....
Reinforcement okay.
Ahh there it is a Cardassian station. Cool.
3 seeker frigates. Lol.
Thank god for the Talon.
Missed pop up during batttle.
And thats it...
Actually no Talk to Kdf intel. ?????
Ahh Qo nos needs to be highlighted.
Got caught in a beam down beam up loop after warping back into the system.
More info on the INTEL Contact needed.
I do like this part though very much. And am glad qo'nos isn't to far away.
And I've been playing for more than 30min. The warp back is great.
An was hopeing for a waypoint marker at Qo'nos and there it is.

Please don't give up on this one.

thanks for feedback