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03-03-2011, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by Joshmaul
Christ, not another one of these. Either grind 'em or don't buy 'em. Honestly.
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Just suck it up and grind.
IMO its even too generous that they give you the option of buying them.

But seriously, at the moment they are what you would call endgame ships and in other MMORPG's it takes A LOT of grinding to get one.
I was never able to get a 1st rate ship in Pirates of the Burning Sea because of the heavy grind required, and as a casual player in ********* it took me years to get some of the best armor in the game.
Out of these 2 quotes about grinding, I like the 2nd quote better. I consider myself a casual player as well but I am willing to grind to get the "high-end" stuff, not just have it handed to me since decreasing the amount of emblems to get them would do that.