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03-03-2011, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
I was never able to get a 1st rate ship in Pirates of the Burning Sea because of the heavy grind required, and as a casual player in ********* it took me years to get some of the best armor in the game.
I have played Burning Sea and it is hard to compare it to STO because Burning Sea has a living economy. You're not SUPPOSED to be able to get a 1st rate just like that. 1st rates were to be built as a fleet effort. Other than playing in a group, STO doesn't offer that level of player interaction. You each get the same amount of points at the end.

Not to clone Burning Sea, but perhaps we just need a similar option in STO. Production lines will help alleviate the problem. If I am "grinding" for say dilithium, while a fleetie is "grinding" for deutirium, then we get together and build a Defiant that's one thing. That's how Burning Sea works. Not everyone sitting though a month and grinding 500 emblems that really don't feel like they have meaning.

But anyhow, the point is the value. Something needs to give and something needs to be revised. We were promised that only cosmetic items will be added to the C-Store. Ship-parts like the Hephaestus costume is acceptable. A fully functional vessel is not.