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03-03-2011, 11:26 AM
I don't mind the necro here because this mission is still ridiculous.

I don't mind being duped as the plot for a mission. It's actually a refreshing change from all the praise that MMOs typically heap on you for minor tasks. So the idea is clever.

What's not clever is it being so obvious that the Romulans are civilian researchers and that Zelle is lying to you.

This needs to be remastered so that the non-combat nature of the facility is less obvious. Either that or you need an option to do something clever yourself once you figure it out.

Perhaps you could surrender in a nice dramatic Star Trek VI style moment and then fight the Undine alongside the Romulans or something, still causing a diplomatic incident but redeeming the Federation's honor somewhat.
Fantastic ideas! Now, if we can find but a single person in power who cares enough to see the mission corrected, or improved.