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03-03-2011, 12:05 PM
(A year's bump? Nice. But you're right, it's still a (the same) problem.)

I agree with those who've gone before. This mission needs to be changed to give the player an option besides following through or dropping it. I kept waiting for an opportunity to refuse to continue, as Picard and his crew did in "Conundrum", or to actually turn the tables on the deceiver, as in "Allegiance". I got neither, as my captain was railroaded into a war crime.

If Starfleet discipline was anything more than a joke here, this mission would literally be a game-breaker: our character(s) would be relieved of command and tried before a court-martial. If exonerated due to extenuating circumstances, they would still probably never be given another command position. Congratulations, Lt. Cmdr: GAME OVER.