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03-03-2011, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by mcornwell
There are only about 10 of them. Just put them all on a map and you will see which ones don't match their photo. Seems like a simple request to me.
Impertinence is not a worthwhile trait.

What ZeroniusRex is implying is that you should perhaps give more direct examples as to what your problem is. The Devs try to recreate your circumstances exactly, so letting them know what map you are using and where you are placing the objects on the map will be of great use. If they simply lay down a random object and they find nothing wrong then it will need more information to recreate the problem. If you have not provided this information, they can't do much else. If they lay down an object and they encounter the problems you mentioned, they can try different topographical arrangements to see if it's a map issue or a object issue, or perhaps something is amiss with your particular client since there are no other visible complaints about objects.

Either way, the more the information you supply, the better the detective remedial work. Its not just about finding the problem, it's about eliminating it.