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# 1 Place Marker preview issue
03-03-2011, 06:01 PM
Hi all,
I'm quite puzzled, so I come here for your help...

Is it just me or during preview of the mission the "Place Marker" element behaves oddly?
It seems to ignore it's size: it goes through it like you were into the sphere even if you are way too far... or it ignores its volume and doesn't pass over it even if you reach it's exact center.

I also noticed that, at least in the custom space maps' editor, I can't get the radius to show with the right scale... it looks like the scale for the circle is one tenth (or so) of the radius you specify in km down in the property box...

Anyone else with the same problems?
Any chance to see those things fixed anytime soon?

edit by astraz: after some more test, I noticed that also in the preview mode of the mission (both space and ground) it seems to consider the radius as one tenth (or even less... I'm not sure about it...) of the number you set... Am I getting something wrong about the meaning of the "radius" field?