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03-03-2011, 08:51 PM
I am getting very upset. I know that games go through changes. I have put up with the nurfs from the crys of the PVP groups without a word. Even though I did not like many of the changes made for that small group of gamers. I have been with STO frome early on in the game, no I am not a bata tester, I am just a gamer. I don't have a lot of knowedge when it comes to computers. But I have friends who do have that knowedge. I am so angry that I have been un able to compleet the Cure because of the current canges being made with no thought to telling players about these changes. That you did not have these changes tested. Or make some kind of big deal about changing an STF with a LARGE reward :the Borg Shield. STFs were not affected by difficulty settiing, then one day they are suddenly. That is a hard ajustment when you usualy run on advance or elite. Then when the next group runs on normal it is at a reasonable leve of difficulity for normal and is successful. The fleet expects it to be the same difficulity every time. So when the fleet runs the next time when the fleet runs and people are getting 2 or 3 shots and dead workers are suddenly able to do every borg ability. This is not a joke this is not fun this is not cool this is not a chanalge. This is the type of the to make some peope rage quit. Not me not today. But I am realy getting tired of this junk. This type of thing is what tribble(test) is for not live. Do it there. Offer some of the junk from the c-store, or what ever you will get hundreds of testers. I have run the cure with my VAs so many times I can't count it but since the new borg gear came out I was on a break spending time with my family. And now my fleet has only been able to finish this mission once since the junk changes. Stop trying to make everyone happy. Make it work. Fix the bugs in tribble(test). Bring it live. If the 5 year olds can't wait let them go somewhere else for the 5 minutes they will be gone and when it is ready to go live they will be back. This is a great game and you are making it better. Stop making it wose in a rush. Stop breaking the things that work. When you have a fleet that has 90% of its active members VAs and 90% of those have all available gear in the game that they want for their ships and their toons, and bofs. Yet they are having trouble finishing the Cure now, after making the cure a cake run. There is a problem somewhere. I don't think it is on our end.
Nerf the Workers
Add a couple of Drones
call it good.
Make it a chalange not a head baning against a brick wall.
Thanks for your time.
I am still furious. There are so many issues so many bugs and I am sure you are working on so many things but maybe you should slow down on the expansions and go through play all the missions you have made again find all those bugs that bugs some of us explorer players and fix what you have created