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# 1 New Mini Game: Danomaly
03-03-2011, 09:56 PM
I would like to see a new mini-game in the big room at Memory Alpha. Basically it could look and play similar to Dabo, but instead of betting EC you could bet any type of data sample you have in your inventory. So you just select any stack of data samples for each slot, pick how many you want to bet, maybe between 1 and 5, and spin.

The payout is a minimum of 1 random data sample of any type and tier per slot that you bet on; the maximum could be, say 20x of the number of samples bet in a slot, all of some random type and tier. The odds should be set so that, on the whole, if you bet 100 samples, you will get back 105 of some random selection of other samples at least 99% of the time. Rarely maybe you bet 100 and only get back 95, but basically it's a 105% payout in overall quantity over time. The odds should be high for payouts in tier 1 samples (like Mineral Samples, Alien Artifacts) and low for tier 5 payouts (the purple B'Tran ones) (and maybe it would even be set up so that it only paid out in samples of the same or a lower tier as the ones you bet).

Also, you should have maybe a 1 in 50 spins chance of getting a rare trace on any of the slots that you bet. The rare trace can also be of any type, but the chance of getting one on a slot would be the same no matter how many samples per slot you bet; just a random "jackpot" with a small chance per spin.