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ive noticed that when in foundry creating missions it is possible to use the holodeck for testing npcs chat sequences with crew and npcs etc, now why not allow us to test specific chains from the storyboard via this same thing, so you would load up a part of the map and you would go from point A to point B of the storyboard you have selected to make sure it all works right.

after this would it be possible for us to go into custom maps without our npc tester for the placement of walls doors consoles etc and it shows up on the middle screen that normally shows the storyboard and the map so we can pin point place things and real time set the height and depth of items, were we place npcs etc.

would it be possibly to add more doors that are usuable as doors. via either by animation or a specific set of doors with options for how they work and a link to adding console intergration into the doors for locking and unlocking so you dont have to do things like add 2 doors or forcefields so you use one as visible at start and the other hidden swap them around.

lastly can we have an option in dialouge for a back option to 1st speak option or even any specific chat box in the list. so for example box one branches to 3 boxs, box 2 has one talk that goes no where beyond it and a back to 1st box and the other 2 boxs go down and then finish with a complete or back. also can you make it so you can make consoles re-usable via an option. thanks