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# 9 Second day much better
03-03-2011, 11:06 PM
Well the second day was much better, I only had a couple of hours in the evening last night but I did a couple of missions, a few random deep space encounters and I tried out some crafting.

This second mission I did (can't recall the exact name right now) I was sent to rescure a stranded freighter that was being attacked by Orion pirates. It had cut scenes, it had space battles, it had a shoot out on the freighter, it had scanning stuff, it had interaction and an interesting (very trekie) storyline... All and all it felt like Star Trek should feel so bravo on that. It included the classic "ship blowing up last minute beam out" as well which I thought was really cool. I especially liked the fact that in some areas you had to have specific skills that would ultimatly change the outcome for the mission. For example I'm a tactical officer but had I been an engineer I might have been able to save the ship as you could go to the warp core and attempt to shut it down before the ship exploded. Also if I was a science officer I could have saved the life of an injured member of the freighters crew. So I can see how running a mission like that as a team would have been really cool with something to do for everyone.

All and all a very nice, fun mission, definitly the entertainment style I was hoping for and I hope I find more missions like those as I go!

Oh and sorry about the enfraction, I often forget that not everyone is from LA! That's just how we talk people!