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Originally Posted by Pendra37 View Post
Unlike on the story board arrow, the dialog editor arrows are movable. Just select an end arrow and drag it to the dialog box you like. It will continue there. You can use this to create nice infinite loops .

Re-usability can be achived through placing small or invisible objects inside the main object. The main object won't flash thou.

I doubt we will have 3D editor anytime soon. We will have top down view that shows the actual object at one point, which will help. Also there is a method to set the height absolute in 2 pass. I may write a few words about that in the future.
ow nice catch on the dialog thing, never knew that, to me though it seems insane that things like console have one use, they should work like dialog boxes. u select an animation and what they do an for example sake its a door, option one, lock, option 2 unlock, then have a door in game thats placeable that when you walk upto if its unlock its goes swoosh open, if its locked you walk into it and smack yourself in the face.

the 3d map is more when you have maps that are already in game and you use them, these maps can have consoles and other interactable objects in them that if you were to place would be outlined clearly but on pre mad maps you have to zoom right in and guess where they are by shading differences on the map, if you could go into a map or room as its more ground maps this effects you drag an npc group out an place them, you can tell which is the boss npc if its a group, if they give us the option have the npcs from the group doin dif things so its like this.

boss npc airguitar/shouting at others to work faster, one npc from the group typing on a concole, another lying down on something like a table, another scanning the guy on the table, another saying something to the ones working on him. with the 3d viewer in realtime that would be insanly easy to pull off. as is now you have dots, one animation and unless you can really tell what is where u have a pain in the rear, and thats if you can actually place an npc in the top view to work on a station as some maps it point blank refuses to let you place npcs to look like there working on a specific ambient work station.

spending hours burying hundreds of things under the floor linking proccess to them an all that cant be very good for the map load can it.