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Originally Posted by a55nut View Post
I enjoy STO but to be honest I'm more a Gene Roddenbery Star Trek fan. I have posted a couple suggestions geared toward that end but met a "no can do" line of thought.

My idea could cost me extra money, but it is what I thought I would be getting anyway, it is have a ship that I have the option to maintain. I could then truly enjoy a G.R. experience as I EXPLORE the stars.

Stuff will go wrong, life forms will be encountered and it could mess-up my ship. I want to fix it, on my own and with my own people, skill and abilities. I could get stuff wrong, I could have to aquire a new warp coil, or ruin a plasma conduit and so on, but this is what I am missing to satisfy my Star Trek fix. Atari Tokens would be a way for me to aquire the parts I need. I could choose to play status quo or go full out and possibly loose my ship. Or perhaps anywhere inbetween.

Please give me the option, I want to EXPLORE, not grind. An Undiscovered realm is there once the NAYSAYERS no longer say nay.

Do not be afraid to go where noone has gone or wants to go. You are the Captian of this journey, Many others and I will gladly go with you.

Awaiting your command, SIr

"It's time to BEGIN our trek through the stars........

Why not turn up your mission difficulty? Then both your ship and it's crew will take injuries that must be tended to.