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Subject: Raptor class ships and cpabilities.

Speaker is Khemaraa Iron Hand of the 69th Battle Squardon "Black Mist"

::begin transcript::

Ka'Pla Commander. In the previous presentation you were given an overview of the Bird of Prey class vessls and it is hoped aquired an appreciation for the flexibility and limtations of the type. In this session we focus apon the Raptor type escort class.

The Raptor class does not have the flexibility of the Bird of Prey. It is a type with a very narrow focus optimised toward attack and nothing else. Marine complement is non existant. Its sensor suite is focused on wepons control. It does not have the Battle cloak. A fight in a Raptor is a fight untill either you or your enemy are floating dust and particles scattered to the stars.

What is your specialty commander? Are you a Tactical officer. An engineer. Perhapes a science specialist. Do not be concerned over your specialization when it come to selecting a raptor class ship for your next command. The ships its self and its bridge officer stations are optimized for combat above all else but this does not make it a tactical officer only ship. Do not limit yourself! A warrior must be flexible! While it may seem that a Tactical offcer in command would wring the best advantage out of a Raptor class this is a prejudiced and erronious assumption.

Condsider first a Science specialist commanding. The ships bridge officer are a known quantity but what can a science officer bring to the ship? A science officer commanding brings the following abilities with them to any ship they command. Sensor scan, Sun-nucleonic beam, Dampening field, Photonic fleet, and last of all, Science Fleet. All of these are potent additions to your ships ability to carry out its mission. Primarily the abilities a Science specialist bring will enhance the ability of the ships commander to stay in combat longer by mitigating the amount of damage a ship might have to suffer.

An Engineer brings Rotate shield frequency, EPS power transfer, Nadion Inversion field, Miracle worker, and lastly, engineering fleet.
Here damage mitigation is the primarily enhancements to your ships abilities to deal with the tactical situation. And engineer will be able to keep thier ship in combat longer against impossible odds simply because they can keep thier ship combat capable. This is no small advantage!

The abilities that you as the ships captain bring to your command will enhance the ship in what ever combat role to take. Raptors are fast, manuverable ships but they are not a bird of prey, nor are they a Battle Cruiser. You must use your ships ability to manuver and project firepower onto a target. The Raptor is focused on getting in close to a target and staying there. There is no rush in, strike retreat and repeat in a Raptor. In this class of ship you must take your enemys heart. To do this will require a fine appreciation of your bridge officer abilities, the capabilities of your ship, and finally, and most importantly, Your own.

This concludes the operational overview of the Raptor class. The interactive portion of the simulation will begin momentarily so that any specific questions of configuration and crewing may be answerd

::End Transcript::