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# 2 I found some videos.
03-04-2011, 12:31 PM

may not aktuell but for the start. the new foundry is a little easier to make because you can copy and so.

make a map, place a spawn point, some npc contacts, groups (enemies) and stuff there.

story: if you like to have an encounter drag the encounter into the storyline and there is a button tho choose what the encounter is. so klick on it, choose the enemies and ready.

to interact with an object works the same just drag and drop the interact into the storyline and choose for the interact a thing you placed in your map.

if you have a second map you and you place a reach marker in your storyline, you can choose there the spawn point of the second map, it makes automatic the dialog "go to next map"

on the right bottom you see what important things you have forgot to do.

may you knew that, its a very very short and incomplet start description.

i am looking for an tutorial too right now.