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03-04-2011, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
Comparing the price of anything to the price of the monthly subscription is unfair. There are reasons why the subscription rate for MMO's hasn't increased over time, and none of them are because the value of money hasn't changed. If they had consistently risen in price as everything else labor based has since the first ones the subscription price would easily be 2-3 times as much. Yes, there are other factors; but, this fixed subscription rate that is unable to cover what's being provided is one of the very reasons for the existence of the C-Store.
That is a really difficult argument to make. The sub rates haven't increased, but a lot of the things that used to be prohibitively expensive cost-drivers are dropping in price (such as server space and bandwidth.) The player market is also considerably larger than it has been over the years, and this particular game has the added advantage of the IP.

Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
Additionally, the $15 monthly subscription rate is so insignificant and so very close to zero that it is one of the large reasons why Free-2-Play is becoming a viable option for quality MMO's. They don't lose all that much subscription revenue while having an increased option to gain the more lucrative C-Store type revenue that hasn't had its pricing held artificially low. Of course, I suppose this is a discussion for another thread.
If it's that insignificant, then there's no reason to charge it unless you're just milking people. But yes, debating their business model is best left for another thread.

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Perhaps I am missing something, but it feels as if the new ship assets should have either come out at launch or have been added over time anyway. With a solid content-rich MMO world, the subscription fee can go in the majority towards advertising for more players, and server maintenance. However, due to the issues at launch, STO has had to work towards a level where it is rich and content-filled. They're not there yet, and they're doing a great job to get there. But why charge us extra along the way?
I agree entirely.