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03-04-2011, 05:41 PM
Aside from final boss, hitpoints don't seem to be changed, what is changed are the abilities that the borg are manifesting, specifically the worker drones using infection, chain holds, and other drones now wielding dual pistols with the one-shot issue.

I ran the STF with wolf, all 4 of us have run the cure over a dozen times each and the fifth followed directions perfectly and held up his end. We're all fully geared for fighting borg and have our skillset configured for ground combat.

Last week there were dramatic difficulty changes between normal/advanced/elite. Last night's run was done on normal and was much harder than before changes started being made several weeks ago.

BTW, I'm with Neil above, restore Armak's full or majority of hitpoints, just keep him from two shotting entire groups (though he hasn't used that power on us since August when we simply keep two people constantly melee'ing him)