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03-04-2011, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by deathkittin View Post
Mike Apolis, Lead Environment Artist, Cryptic Studios, 6th March 2010
[00:35] <Cryptic_Mapolis> but yeah, interiors are a bit lackluster compared to space. We're aware of that, and I believe they will improve over time
[00:35] <deathkittin> oh that's great
[00:35] <deathkittin> I played city of heroes and it looks far too similar considering its about 10 years later
[00:36] <deathkittin> got a 5870 graphics card mass effect and fallout 3 look amazing
[00:36] <deathkittin> and the space parts in this :)
[00:37] <deathkittin> any idea what's with the tribbles on the tribble planet?
[00:37] <deathkittin> they look completely different from the ones you hold, they don't have the fluffy texture
[00:37] <deathkittin> it's like they put in the player held ones later after or something
[00:37] <deathkittin> I have everything on max
[00:38] <Cryptic_Mapolis> the graphics on the ground were challenging mostly because they require more resources from the CPU and GPU, so we had to make them scaleable so low end machines could still run the game. That alone meant we had to cut back on the detail
[00:38] <deathkittin> the tribbles on tribble planet look kinda like plants
00:41] <Cryptic_Mapolis> as far as those tribbles, I dunno, I personally haven't seen that map :(
01[00:42] <deathkittin> aw it's lovely apart from that
01[00:42] <deathkittin> tribbles everywhere
01[00:42] <deathkittin> ticket 717116
01[00:42] <deathkittin> "On this map you get to see tribbles outside of a player held object for the first time, but they look wrong - the ones in this map [color=red]'Minas Korva Outpost' ('The Tribble with Klingons' episode)[color=red] don't look fluffy at all unlike the player object held ones... they look kind of plant-like instead like the artist didn't know they were drawing something alive and someone animated to make them act like tribbles afterwards
01[00:42] <deathkittin> - they really should be fluffy! At the very least on high/maximum graphics settings like I do (if that's why they were made like this for consoles or something) "
[00:43] <Cryptic_Mapolis> I dont know why they're not fluffy, it shouldn't be that way
01[00:43] <deathkittin> mm, its really raelly noticable when you see your own one compared to them
[00:43] <Cryptic_Mapolis> but I remember overhearing something about having to scale the tribbles up so they can have large piles of them without going over our polygon budgets :)
01[00:43] <deathkittin> you can actually pick up the tribbles in the mission too from the clumps inside the mission
01[00:44] <deathkittin> and when you hold them they look completely different from how they did before
01[00:44] <deathkittin> inside the lab part of it
01[00:44] <deathkittin> ah you mean scale down :(
[00:44] <Cryptic_Mapolis> hmm. that sounds crappy. I'll look into it
01[00:44] <deathkittin> cool!
Was anything done with that does anyone know? I am betting not like it seems everything else people were talking about like a year ago