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03-04-2011, 10:19 PM
Ah, okay, I was clicking the link, saw that a video was attached,
but it turned out it was the video they showed at the beginning of the series.
I'm really looking forward to the reman BO, which I assumed would be the series reward,
since in episode 3 one of the reman rebels mentioned he'd like to join a FED/KDF crew...
Hopefully he's customizable unlike the Breen BO
(or so I hear, I don't have the breen. rerun weekend, please come soon )

But all in all, considering the last 4 episodes I have to say that I enjoyed Cloaked Intentions the most.
"The Breen" was good, but it suffered from being the first featured series.
"The Devidians" was better than The Breen, especially "What Lies Beneath" creeped me out to no end!
I kinda liked and at the same time disliked the whole going back into the parts bit, though.
But hey, Dr McCoy!
But "Cloaked Intentions" really is the pinnacle of the featured series so far!
Especially for mixing it up with new stuff to do.... Shuttle mission, Melee combat...
And the environments, with The Vault, the mining town, the ice cave, the desert landscape....
And tomorrow we'll visit another awesome locale! Awesome, can't wait.
But now enough of me praising the featured series.... Looking forward to Series 4