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03-04-2011, 10:25 PM
Sorry to have to disagree, but I sure am tired of uninspired "Limited Edition Rewards"

How many more "unique bridge officers" do I REALLY NEED at VA? Liberated Borg, Holographic, Breen, one for the diplomatic missions...and now Reman? My Away Team looks more and more like a freak show every month it seams like.

Give me something I can use like a Thorlon Torpedo Launcher, Unique weapon, costume piece, universal console etc etc etc... Hell an EMOTE would be acceptable... For all the hard work it's just a little disappointing in my opinion.

But the episodes themselves have been top notch no complaints there, infact nothing but praise for the level design, most of the writing, and the puzzles. Looking forward to the next set of 5.