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Originally Posted by NickiGraus View Post
Again, old navy tradition - a flag officer (aka, shoot me, cos I have raised the flag as leader of the pack), that is commanding more then one veasle at this time, would be addressed as either Commodore (if his military rank is below Admiral) or as Admiral. He can be also the Captain of his own veasle, but it is not nessasary or required.
Very minor quibble - "flag officer" comes from the naval tradition of fleet commanders (and vice commanders, squadron commanders, etc) having their flag raised on the ship they're on (thus "flagship") so that other ships know which signal hoist to monitor for orders.

That aside, ditto what you and others have said - Admirals in the USN are referred to in conversation as just "Admiral so-and-so", likewise with LCDRs being referred to as Commander and LTjgs being referred to as Lieutenant. I do hope Cryptic fixes this soon, and in the meantime I chalk it up to some idiot desk-driver admiral in Starfleet managing to get a fleetwide memo out and the Chief of Starfleet Operations hasn't had a chance to correct it yet.