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03-05-2011, 10:00 AM
Originally Posted by Ajhal
The term sublime to the ridiculous comes to mind. I am fast getting to a point where I just have to give up this game...

So many times I seem to have pretty straight forward challenges albeit a bit lengthy and then I hit this brick wall. Tell me please I am missing something cus I just don`t get it. I am trying to finish Night of the Comet. I am a modest science vessel and I have mastered how to tank and be patient. So I have disrupters cannons and a torpedo on the back. OK I know I have to blow up the comet... A touch more challenging than making a drink for a woman... anyway. I manage to immobilise the two Klingon whatsits and go after the comet... Trouble is the phasers and disrupters do nothing. I have to get in front as it going away from me and torpedo it. Took me an age it broke into bits and now I have three shards and umpteen fragments to destroy. Phasers and disruptors do nothing and I have to go and try and get in front to use the torpedo.... Then three deathly Klingons decloak and I kinda did the maths..... probably still be doing the mission next year. You gotta be kidding me.

Tell me.... Do you have to group in this game for stuff like this cus if so I better cancel now. I only ever play on my own. Is there any way of knowing which of these quests are group thingys. Are all episodes group activities... Is there some guide as when it will be essential to group.

So what can I do at my level on my own other than exploring. And is it worth it ?
Drag the Klingons away about 20km (they'll follow), spawn a Photonic Fleet for them to play with, and then rush back to the comet and annihilate it.