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03-05-2011, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Doogie
I have done this mission on more than one toon and it was all done solo. I am not sure why you are unable to target and fire upon the comet and the comet fragments.

One you have the three fragment shards from the main comet, those three shards will produce three more for a total of nine fragments. Each time you break a fragment into three pieces, you will have to fight the Klingons.

Maybe when I am in game again I can group with you and help you complete this stage of the mission. Most of this game can be played solo.
OK I have only so much engine power and its not enough to get away from them. Just tried again and there was half a dozen of them shooting at me. My phasers and cannons are Level IV and I am a LC 7. I am using a science vessel. I can get them to follow but I am like a pea shooter at these comets. I need the torpedo and that means I need to manouvre . By this time I am tagged and just did this an I was swarmed. I am not a high level I have been playing three weeks. If the quests can't be done solo at LC4 dont give the thing out. The first part of this quest is just childs play what with the Super Mario cart ride through the rings, then the usual ground combat drill. Even the silly puzzle with the drink was easy, but this .. sorry. Its not about patients, time, skill etc its about a solo player at LC7 trying to take on a Klingon Fleet. I can deal with 2 but six. Come on... And there is no ship manouverability [ scuse spelling ] Just fast or slow then turn. But in combat there is no running away and no where to go. And then I'm dead .... every time.

I have trawled the net for answers and they all point to cloaking ( not possible ) and kiting. I know what kiting is but you have a lot of space needed to take a ship with no facilities to then face fire and run off without being caught. I dont have the speed, fire power etc. I can shoot no problem. I can see the comet. But with that and all the fragments I would be here from now till next week. Thats not fun. At all. I can only see this being done with a higher rank, better gear or as I suggest group help. Probably tactical.

Thanks for the offer but I will carry on exploring in much lower areas I guess and avoid these episodes. Pointless. I'll stay well below my level in terms of taking quests, as the quest level is deceiving. And often an indication of group aspirations. Just wish the creators would tell you before you started them. Specially when they start to childishly easy.