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# 1 Cutting the Cord
03-05-2011, 11:34 AM
So, here's my shot at the last mission of the series...

I am trying to find the word in English that would be appropriate for it - my language has a perfect one, but alas, there seems to be no real equivalent.

I liked the initial space battle, but the ground part... well, it seems "too much content on too small a place". I can see why I play this mission without away team (pathing problems would prolly be insane on the catwalks). The city is beautiful, it feels fine, but... there seems to be way too much. First, there are the reman fighters (how did they get there? I was alone in the orbit - or did I miss some text window explaining it?). Then the orbital bombing (bugged for me, when I tried to press it nothing happened).
Then you got ships flying around which you can shoot. Then you got Hakeev sending virus on your ship. Then the gateway which you blow up. Then the big gateway that gets bombed - what's the point of that? Just a random huge gateway appearing for the sake of blowing it up? Then the space battle with Sela that feels like a mini-KA (which is a good thing) - how the hell did Sela get involved? If she's not with Tal Shiar, why does she attack our forces? And what the hell is "Iconian space probe"?
It's just... too much story content on one place, as if the story writers couldn't decide how to wrap it up. Each of the aforementioned elements also takes like 5 secs to solve. Giant Iconian gateway? Sure, let's call in an air strike, which btw doesnt kill you even when you stand literally IN the gateway itself. It just doesn't do credit to something as massive and epic as Iconian gateways.

Gameplay was pretty okay, but from this whole series I got mixed feelings. One mission was brilliant (the Coloseum), but those before that I really disliked, even though they have brought new mechanics, which is a great thing for the game overall.

This mission I'd rate 7/10 (if it weren't for the final space battle, it would be 5/10 tho), but the series... I don't know. 5/10 - which is a bit of a downer, because I really liked the Devidian series for example.