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03-05-2011, 11:54 AM
I was dissapointed that they blew the surprise and said on the calander it was a reman officer. The game play had no real storyline to it other than blow everything up (great if your a call of duty fan) Then it seemed to end abruptly. The next min we are going back to the vault for a trophy going back to the second episode.

I was just hoping for something more, such as storyline and better rewards to be honest. Boff is a nice idea, but dont we get enough of them when we level up already? It seems that you invest time, points and configuation of your ship, to then be given yet another boff to then replace something you spend time improving, only to get to the peak to then start all over again.

I was really impressed by the location in this episode. But that was it. Last weeks was amazing and jaw dropping with really amazing ship tech and effects. I agree with FarsightFrostwhisper in their post, but wouldnt rate it as high as that. Just felt for me like such an anti climax..

On a positive note, glad they are doing more voice work and cutscenes great step forward!!!...but for me...just left me feeling deflated..Ending felt like a real mess!