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Originally Posted by Forgotten-Nemesis View Post
This was a good episode to end the series. I can think of many pros, but a few cons too. (Spoilers in invisotext. Highlight to read)


The level of space combat was perfect. Epic space battles to be had, and if you use the Reman shield, you can pretend you're part of the Reman fleet.

The Romulan-styled cityscape was excellent. Finally a ground map that's not a secret bunker/compound in the middle of an ice/desert/jungle world with glowy crystals, singing plants, or trees with lava flowing up their trunks and branches all over the place!
The ground combat felt fresher with some real strategy needed to defeat enough ground troops solo with various resources to call upon.
The orbital strike in the episode kicked ass. It works precisely how it should for the engineering captain ability. It could be given a 5 minute cooldown for the sake of balance, but either way a phaser beam fired from a ship should utterly vapourize a group of soldiers, not knock them on their ass for a few seconds.
The voice dialogue was great. The voice actors for Hakeev and Obisek have finally stopped sounding like they've been gargling gravel all day while chain smoking a whole carton of cigarettes.
Just enough tidbits and foreshadowing about the Iconians to satisfy me. I found myself pulling a Picard and thinking of something similar his quote on the Borg at the end of Q-Who: "Now that we know of their interference... they will be coming."


One issue with my engineer captain: I could not find the engineering optional quest location, especially because it was not highlighted on the map - and I searched everywhere. Cryptic, please put a white circle around ALL mission objectives on the map, including the optional ones?
I can understand the Romulan empire wanting to back up the Tal Shiar in the face of Reman insurgency, but the Empress SELA coming to take care of them (and me) personally? That stretches my suspension of disbelief pretty thinly. I hope the Federation President won't show up in a jupiter class dreadnought to handle things personally with photon torpedoes if a Federation colony world wants independence. That would be quite unbecoming of a political leader.
I assumed since Remans weren't wildly different from most humanoids in body shape and have no special life support requirements, that they could change their clothes if necessary. Apparently my new Reman boff disagrees.
The mission just didn't feel long enough. Plain and simple. I got through to the end thinking "That's it??". I suppose it might have been a good choice making the episode short, so as to leave us wanting more.
I have to agree with at least the one "con" regarding the optional engineering objective. I still can't find it and been looking for a while now. Is it even working?