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Originally Posted by Forgotten-Nemesis View Post
Sela arrives roughly fuve minutes after you kill Hakeev! She wouldn't have been informed of his failure, beamed up to her warbird, then hauled ass over to the Tal Shiar base to arrive just in time to catch you. She must have been enroute already, which means she was poking her imperial nose into the situation anyway. Sela isn't even a hands-on kind of Romulan. She's a manipulator, not a do-er.
Sela's a do-er.

She wasn't afraid to take Spock (!) and Picard (!!) onboard her own ship before (the Captain of the Federation Flagship?????!!!!) What type of mastermind manipulator kidnaps high-ranking officials?

You're seriously ignoring her MO: she's no master manipulator. She's manipulative but only in a "I'll twist your arm, if you'll scratch my back sort of way"