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03-05-2011, 03:04 PM
I thought the pacing and length of this episode was ideal, for me anyway. It was filled with fun.

LOVED calling down fire from my ship. That was fantastic. I would like more of that.

LOVED calling reinforcements down from my ship, too. I always like to see the rest of the crew get involved. I have hundreds/thousands of people under my command, it's always nice to see them supporting me directly.

The environments and rewards were great. Not sure I like how one of the rewards will work in PvP (sad day for BoP/Raptor/Escort I think), but I love it for PvP. Even grabs those plasma torps.

Great blend of space combat and not-painful ground combat. I was lucky not to have problems with superjumping Romulans, though.

Off to play it on some alts!