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03-05-2011, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
After last week's TREK through the desert - anything we made would have felt short imho

Agree with the other points though - there were some cool new things in this episode that were fun to see - the guide paths, the orbital bombards, the use of calling in reinforcements... etc..
Anyone else miss the specific rocky outcrop at the beginning? I tried two or three rocky out crops and figured the mission tracker was being vague and it took till I got to the cave (and couldn't progress) before I could say for sure it was broken (for some reason the objective markers on map don't work in that mission and while I appreciate the toning down of jumbo glowing markers - that map could use something).

So... I did the trek 3 times (to the cave, right back to the start, then all the way back to the cave again) - just to rub it in...

I agree the new features have been great though. The disabling of weapons - and of the tactical team beam in throughout - was particularly cool and would be great to see more of (and eventually as options in the Foundry).