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03-05-2011, 03:42 PM
There was a long thread about this a week or so ago; devs ignored it. I also raised the question in the March ask Cryptic thread; passed over again. They never gave any rationale for it, and it did basically ruin what were really nice items.

I suspect, given the conspicuously non-leveling ground weapon rewards in the last series, and the recent appearance of leveling Lirpa and Bat'Leth in the C-Store, that the motive was to remove all sources of leveling ground gear in-game and make all future items like this only available through the C-Store. This would make sense given the obvious popularity of these items, especially for leveling toons. The only ones left at this point are the useless Fed Type 1 phaser and the Breen/Devidian hand cannons (which are now unique; so you can't equip your whole squad with them).