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03-05-2011, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by mindmage View Post
This mission can be done solo. Sure you die multiple times from the Klingons, but eventually you will destroy the comet. I have no problems blasting the thing with my torps and phasers. I've done this mission as a Lt.7.
So thats the fun in this game then just getting killed so you can keep coming back ... over and over and over and over again. The designers have some funny way of creating an enjoyable game. All I see is empty space and two basic concepts..... Fighting ships... Fighting mobs. The ships come in various flavours but all do the same thing. Fire on you and you fire back till one wins. On the ground you fight with guns shooting stuff till they kill you or you kill them. The formula is pretty simple dont you think. I just dont understand how keep flying around waiting to fight a ship or fight a mob in the same environment over and over again can stimulate enjoyment. And now you add to this that sure you can complete but you just die all the time. Sorry I really dont get this at all. where is the skill, adventure, feeling of exploration, comfort and joy from interludes of fun. the meeting of individuals, the interaction with strange beings.... This is supposed to mimic the Star Trek concept isnt it. I dont recalll endless weeks of Voyager where they just kept killing everything in their path all the time.The original Star Trek almost went out its way to stress the human quality of forgiveness and tolerence.

Who created this game... Seriously. Did they even watch the Star Trek films and series. There is no moral highground in this game it is just a very poor shoot-em-up. Worse than Doom when it first came out. Seriously. You just find yourself mindlessly drifting through space, happening upon events and then either engage in ship to ship fighting or get landed on a planet for a bit of Hired Guns. Been doing it for years and I thought we had moved on.

Anyway... have fun.