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03-05-2011, 03:19 PM
A great end to this series Thanks dstahl and guys!
Looking forward to the next series.

My one major issue: the hakeev battle bugged out! he managed to jump up to a higher platform and promptly got stuck in the environment (right next to the door that leads to the iconian gate). I had to leave the area, logout and reset the mission (i sent in bug report about this)
I should also note that when hakeev was stuck above and I killed him up there, i first tried jumping up there, and ended up in between the building and the door (I could see the lone romulan standing near the iconian portal) I think this corner needs to be fixed.
Also, don't allow ANYONE TO JUMP. Romulans and the summoned security force were showing their high jumping skills! They should not be doing that!! (like I mentioned with Hakeev, they can easily get stuck up there or become untargetable).

Apart from the issue, it was a fun episode, and I liked the trail marker element too.
When I first appeared by myself, I kinda went "omg! I'm gonna die!!" then I realised you guys added in little thing to make it easier, which I think added to the experience

again, thanks

Oh yes forgot to add that I agree with above posters about allowing some sort of customisation for the reman officer.