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03-05-2011, 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by Middlemore
So the guy is trying to give CapnLogan some constructive feedback and suggestions (alright, he's passionate about the issue, but we've all sorts of people around these forums who campaign for all sorts of little things which mean a lot to them ... particular uniforms, ships, gameplay areas, etc.). And all you can do is troll and flame him? Insult him for trying to engage with Cryptic (who have a strong record on listening to customer feedback)?

The only one looking like a kid out of high school here, is you. If you have nothing constructive to say and don't care about the issue, go away and troll another thread.
Indeed the history between Cryptic and the fanbase has proven that persistence does pay off in the end, especially when it is a perfectly reasonable request such as this.

And to get back on topic, this screenshot shows that this faulty geometry becomes even worse and far more noticable than even before with MVAM being added.
Gamma Section in STO along with "canon" Gamma section.