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03-05-2011, 03:25 PM
A very good series which I did really enjoy

Putting the Iconian plot line aside I must admit feeling a bit lost for the Romulans. In many TNG episodes and of course Nemisis the Romulans were warming towards the Federation even if mostly through Picard and Ambassador Spock but there is a natural conclusion in that peace is found between both and a new bond is created. The Tal Shiar, Sela, Taris are of course protagonists but I feel we should of been helping the Romulans directly rather than the Reman pawns who have sided themselves with links to power wherever they can.

Maybe I am too early in the plot line but this story should of been about Romulans in the same way that Cardassians have become after breaking away from their overseers thus creating new opportunities for the Federation to be what it really is, a unification of peacekeepers.

Still, a great series thanks Cryptic