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# 1 Cutting the Cord Tech Review
03-05-2011, 04:49 PM
Well ive now done this mission twice on my KDF Engineer, twice on my KDF Tactical and once on my Fed Tac.
So I am more than qualified to give my opinion.
....and it is FANTASTIC!

The mission itself is great, the cutscenes too, the rewards are good, but thats been covered in the other reviews, the thing I liked the most was the little additions.

Spoiler Alert:
  1. The Tactical Additional Mission in space was nice, reprogramming the turrets to fire upon the Romulans was good fun.

  2. I like that fact that even though i chose my away team I was beamed down solo and told my away team had been scattered, good plot device there, me likes!

  3. The ability to call for suport was great, love the fact it was optional too, although giving us an accolade for completing the mission without calling for support would have been a good addition. I struggled through the mission on Elite without calling any support, even at the end, in the hopes of an accolade and was sadly dissapointed. But regardless, this new "tool" was good to see, I hope its used again.

  4. Calling for Artiliary was amazing, this was especially good when used against the soldiers, I loved how they where vaporized (this is what should happen with the Eng skill btw!). For some reason I didnt get this option the first time I did this on my KDF Tactical, it was there on the second run though and so i managed to get the accolade attached too it, bit strange. I would hate to think that there maybe people who only play this mission once and where unlucky enough to not get this option. They would be missing out on a great part of it.

  5. The map patting guide beam wathchamacallit wed a nice touch, whilst I found it pretty straight forward finding my way around, I'm sure there would have been criticism from people say it was confusing if it wasn't there. Nice solution.

  6. The attacking Shuttle was another good addition, I know you get a Accolade for destroying it, ive tried doing this solo each time and not even gotten close, but i'll keep trying! More lowflying shuttle attacks please!

  7. The particle fountain mine or whatever you want to call that thing from the start of Star Trek Nemesis was another good addition, you guys really put lots of new tech in this one didntcha! Good work!

  8. The Scimitar style ship was another amazing addition, I love how the wings raise as its doing it special attack and the effect for that was great too. I was one shotted by this ship several times on Elite and not whislt it was using its special attack, but I managed to get through it. (please consider the addition of accolades based on difficulty level btw - completing a mission on Elite should earn you a special Accolade)
Over all im well impressed. All this new tech adds to the mission and to STOs future missions.
Good work again.
DStahl buy these guys Booze and Pizza for all the hard work they have done.