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03-05-2011, 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by Samure
replayed it twice and how the hell do you get the artillery strike?

what low flying ship?

the scimitar is in KA and some advanced/elite teamed expore mission
Artillery Strike may have been a poor choice of words, at two placemarkers you call down fire from your ship, one to destroy 3 parked shuttles and another to destroy an artillery gun and squad of soldiers, these placemarkers are little spinning ships, once activated you are treated to a cool cut scene.
Again I think they are slightly bugged, they didnt show for once on one run, and ive just done another run this time withy 5 other guys and it didnt show then for me.

The low flying ship is the shuttle that shoots the bridge you walk over setting it on fire, it also shoots the weather control terminal where the Engineers Optional Mission is, if you shoot it down you get the accolade "Grounded" (which ive now just acheived ). It appears inbetween placing the 2nd and 3rd charges, you cant miss it, it has its own cutscene.