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03-05-2011, 08:51 PM
Thanks for the help. I ended up having no real issue with the mk xi gear from memory alpha. But I do believe thats partially that we ran 2 tacs, 1 eng, 2 sci. I was heals in the queen's lair at the end, but throughout I used the Geophysicist MK XI kit from MA to hold and burn the borg. This made for a wonderfully straightforward march to the end.

Running thru with my tac was less of an issue, as I had the borg bonus bat'leth + close combat mk XI kit. They fell apart like the most tender of meat Thankfully the healer (same fellow) really had a grip on things and was able to effectively communicate when someone was pulling too much aggro and he was getting backlogged on heals. That was rare, but it was nice to know when it did occur.

I must say, aside from not doing ever the Cure or KA, the STFs are a much more fun run and less of a gearing thing than other MMOs that I have played. I hated in WoW how gear meant way too much over pure tactics and strategy. To the devs: keep it up! This is how a team mission should be (or raid, or STF).

Thanks again for all the advice.