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03-06-2011, 12:07 AM
Originally Posted by WeasleX View Post
I'm not going to argue with you.... mostly because I need to go to bed soon, but I will say that all the game breakers I reported, (And this is going back to open beta) were fixed. Not to mention several small bugs that I reported in the past were fixed as well.

The trick is, report the bug WHEN IT HAPPENS, because the game takes a snapshot of your screen when you submit the bug. The screenshot is sent along with your report, so if you report the bug in another area where the bug happened, that will do you no good. You also need to be as detailed as possible when reporting a bug.

Descriptive includes:

- what you were doing at the time.
- Place of the bug. (where you were at the time of the bug as well)
- effect of the bug.
- Type of bug (whether your on ground or in space, whether it's a type of item like a tribble, or if it's an enemy effect that might cause the bug.)
Sure, and by the end of the day i pay to write bug reports instead of playing the game. No sorry i think i waste my last days before the subscription runs out doing something else. I doubt that at the current state of the game and specially the pvp part of the game that i will renew my subscription. Its more likely that the timing is so right that I just jump from here to the old republic. Sure there is bugs in games ect... but compared cryptic with blizzard for example since lots of people like to compare the game with wow is to compare amateuers with professionals. Every update cryptic makes screws something else up and then it doesn't get fixed for while. So yeah sorry, no bug reports anymore, i know how to spend my time better then that.