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03-06-2011, 02:14 AM
The pathing for Hakeev's group was TERRIBLE; as others have stated he or his henchmen would somtimes 'hop' up on ledges and either never come back down; or they'd be in a spot where they could hit you; but you couldn't hit back.

It also appears all playtesting was done on the "Normal" setting as I tried 5 times on advanced, but kept getting one-shoted by Hakeev. Also, on Elite, Obisek's 'Help Group' gets mowed down in less than 10 seconds.

Sequence was:

Respawn - Held - some blast that blows my personal shield; and then a quick follow up with some that kills me dead


Respawn - Held - Thaleron Mine - Plama Fire DOT Grenade (in quick succession)

I have to say it again, REGARDLESS of the Ground Combat Revamp, STO NEEDS to be able to handle/have the ability to select DIFFERENT Difficulty settings for Space and Ground, if they so wish.

In Space (for me) ANYTHING less than Elite is a snooze fest - BUT, "Elite" on Ground is either a major gring, or a nightmare (and I have MK XI ground gear and some point in Ground skills. If anything this mission and the Hakeev fight JIGHLIGHTED the need for this option.

I ended up doing the Ground on 'Normal' just to be able to get through it after trying Elite 5 times and Advanced twice (might have don it on Advanced, but the wierd pathing kept occuring and I was left with one or two of Hakeev' Guards I could kill due to LOS issues after they jumped up the buildings.

Then once back if Soape for the Romulan Fleet/Empress Sela portion, I warped out, logged for 20 minutes; came back - set the Difficulty back to Elite - and then continued "Cutting the Cord" so I could have a fun challenge in the Space portion that I enjoy.

BUT - that work around honestly wouldn't be needed if there were seperate, independent Difficulty Sliders for Space and Ground. I've also seen the post by DStahal that says they want to do the revamp first, and then will revisit the possibilty of separate Difficulty slider settings; but honestly, if you ARE revamping the system, why not just add that to the revamp?

Many people like me would reallylove it if we could do Elite in Space but Advanced or Normal on the ground. Again Hakeev was EASILY able to one shot or quick combo on Elite. Unless you're revampuing the Romulan missions and MOBs again with the Ground revamp; I dobt this will change after the Saeson 4 Ground Combat Revamp.