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03-06-2011, 05:07 AM
Originally Posted by Reave View Post
Right, they'd have to pay each and every actor to use their likenesses.
And the studio that owns the franchise for the rights to use the characters.

And even if they didn't, I personally wouldnt' ever want to see any of those characters as anything other than NPCs. And as sparingly as possible. Afterall, it's 2409, Picard would've been fitted with his first geriatric walker by now, if he hasn't already been buried with it.
While I agree with all of the above , Picard (and Kirk) could actually appear in game as younger versions.
Remember Guinan being in the Nexus still in "Generations"? She couldn't come back to help Picard because there was already a version of her "here". Kirk certainly doesn't have that problem (I never thought it would have been Prime universe Kirk helping Picard anyways.....the Nexus had him do nothing for like 60 years? No, but a copy of Kirk when he first entered would be willing to help with some convincing). Picard just needs to pass away, then a nexus version could appear, at the age he was in Generations.

let the voice-overs begin!

O.K., I don't really want either.....but it would be possible. And yes, any major charactor should be an NPC.