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03-06-2011, 05:26 AM
Originally Posted by m.mcnaught
the UI annoys me

the thing that annoys me most is the fact nothing correlates in terms of size

there almost aren't two elements in the whole thing with the same width or height

may not sound like much but that's naturally jarring to the human eye and bad interface design

it needs some work...

i'd be happy if they made most of the elements individually scalable and gave me a check box on an Option tab to toggle the individual parts on and off so for example i could hide the weapons box as well as still having 3 rows of buttons AND the "boff bar" (a trick you can do atm with console commands)
You can scale and move individual elements around using the /genearlyoverridefloat. But the elements reset themselves after each zoning, just like the boff tray.