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Originally Posted by momiji View Post
8 - Small objects no bigger than 2 meters in height. If the crew are focusing on the Enterprise I would not be surprised if the crewman on the Narada responsible for watching Sensors did not see it, call it "Human" error.
Have to disagree with that one, Spacesuits by their very nature are very dense to shield from radiation, they would kick back a big signal.

Personal pet peeve with that film is the distances, Scotty saying the instructor reckoned nothing could be beamed further than forty km when in orbit you are three or four hundred km up or the parachute opening apparently 1000 meters above the platform (looked less than a 100) and not having enough time to slow down when base jumpers regularly do jumps from less than 200 meters so even with much thinner atmosphere five times that distance should be more than enough.

Lets not even get in to doing re-entry in a space suit...