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Citation needed.

Not that I doubt there ARE WoW bugs that have existed since 2004. But in all my years playing that game I never ran across any bugs that were as frustrating as the ones we still see in STO after a year.
Loch Modan's Iroband Excavation site where the rats and giants are in the far east end of the former loch. This areas really hasn't been touched by Cataclysm (unlike the Loch itself).

Rats still fall through geometry there. I leveled a character from 10 to 72 in the post-Cataclysm game and was surprised at how many issues were ones I experienced in vanilla WoW years ago. You can have direct LoS and still not target them (but they can target you).

That's a level 10-20 issue but it's easily dismissed by many because you can say, well, Blizzard has 50x as much content and you can always do something else. (and I think people sometimes forget that launch WoW had a few content gaps for the Horde too - though this disappeared over time in a sea of new content).