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Okay, here are my reworked Klingon Scoutships, you'll notice that just like in the previous version, the Norgh has more hull than other T5 BoPs, but less than a T5 Federation Science ship since it's a Scout, I thought it would be prudent to have the stats reflect this.
With the Somraw the hull is slightly weaker than that of a Federation Science ship for the same reason despite the fact that it's a Raptor-type ship.

T5 retrofit Norgh (Tactical Infiltrator):

Hull: 25000
Crew: 75
Impulse: 0.2
Turn Rate: 20 degrees/second
Armament: 3/3
Can equip cannons
Cloaking Device
+5 Engines
+5 Aux
Console Slots:
Science: 4
Engy: 2
Tactical: 2

BO Arrangement:
Science: Comm., Lt.
Engy: Lt
Tac: LtC, Ensign

The Norgh, with its large wing surface has excellent maneuverability in difficult atmospheric conditions.
This ranges from planets with high gravity to worlds with dense apmospheres to gaseous anomalies.
Therefore it can be used very well to conduct survey missions in those environments and is at the forefront of planetary investigations.
However with its excellent maneuverability and strong sensor array it can also be used to infiltrate enemy space and gather intelligence on enemy strongholds and supply routes.
Because of its high speed and maneuverability it can also be used to conduct raiding missions against lightly defended targets.
To enable the ship to conduct intelligence operations deep in enemy space without the need to rely on its less than perfect cloaking device, the Norgh retrofit is equipped with systems that negate enemy sensors.

Special Ability:
"Silent Running" (passice ability)
Through the use of sensor-absorbing materials and shielded propulsion systems, the Norgh Tactical Infiltrator can operate behind enemy lines without being detected by long-range sensors even uncloaked.
In combat the shields are configured to work together with the ship's hull materials to scatter incoming sensors and hinder targetting systems.
As a result the ship reduces the chance of enemy weapons fire to hit it by 20%.


T5 retrofit Somraw Raptor (long range scout)

Hull: 26000
Crew: 100
Impulse: 0.2
Turn Rate: 16 degrees/second
Armament 3/3
Can not equip cannons
Science ship (Subsystem Tagetting, Sensor Analysis)
Cloaking Device
+15 Aux
Console Slots:
Science: 4
Engy: 2
Tactical: 2

BO Arrangement:
Science: Comm., Lt.
Engy: LtC, Ensign
Tac: Lt


The original Raptor of the 22nd century, on wich the Somraw is based, was a scoutship intended to operate over long distances for extended periods of time.
Captains of that time used raids on lightly defended outposts to restock during missions to extend that range even further.
Now technologies like replicators and the quantum charge reversal coils that allow a ship to resupply its antimatter stock in midflight allow even ships of such a limited size to operate for very long times without need to restock.
The Somraw is used beyond the borders of the Klingon Empire to find new solar systems to exploit.
It can also serve in a fleet to provide electronic support to allied ships.
In a defensive role it can also be used to track down cloaked enemy ships with its antiproton scanner.

Special Ability: Antiproton scanner (see DS9 episodes "The Search Pt 1" and "Defiant" for the first use of this system and the reuse of it by the Cardassians)
Can detect cloaked ships independent of the Sensor Scan ability of a Science Captain.
Sends out a "ping" whose range depends on available Aux level.
Maximum range is 10 km.
Ping depletes Aux levels which must be built up again.
EPS console would facilitate build-up.
System has no additional cooldown.
Reveals enemy ship by showing the cloaked silhouette and
reporting the detection of an enemy cloaked ship.
Does not allow players to target enemy ships.
Ships must be decloaked by additional means.