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03-06-2011, 08:46 AM
join us. we are newly formed as well. it took me a month to find four people,so I know how
rough that can be. Since your trying to do what it takes to form a fleet I know you are a person who wants to make things happen,I'm willing to give you instant fleet leader status , after that admin leader,if you want it,with all the access and responsibility you can handle. theres only two of us that are that high.
check us out, see if we are anywhere close to what you had in mind.
Don't reinvent the wheel, help me make it roll.


We are recruiting for Expendables.....
We are a small caual active fleet focusing on all aspects of the game.

A fleet that doesn't have a bunch of silly rules or a bunch of useless ranks or divisions or acadimies within the fleet.
One that will let you play how you want ,when you want,and can fill roles within the fleet. (Ambassador,Officer,leader or just member,you can decide. Everyone has a voice within the fleet,not one person calling all the shots or a dictator.
One that is active and mature. That focuses on fellowship and regular STF's,PvE,PvP, helpfull to other players.
All ages,level of expierence welcome.