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The Cloaked Intentions series has to be the best so far. Each episode better than the one before and Cutting the Cord seemed like it was going to be the best.

However, after playing it I canít make my mind up.

I loved the city; the graphics team did a great job. The objectives are well thought out. What spoilt it were the bugs.

The first bug was orbital strike dialog not triggering the first time I played it. Then there was the jumping NPC. Iíve only seen this happen a few times before and it was only one NPC. However, nearly every NPC has jumping like a manic in Cutting the Cord. I was sniping from the upper gantry at some Romulans and in less than a minute one had jumped on there with me. Ok this was annoying but you could live with it, but when Hakeev did it and then died meaning I couldnít complete the objectives this made me mad. Especially when I had to redo the ground part from the start.

Then there was the accolade for shooting down the fighter. How? My sniper rifle made no impact. Iíve even tried other weapons to no avail, and the plasma grenade missed by a mile. My engineer character was able to ground it, but that was due to doing the engineering accolade. So how are you supposed to do it? I thought these can be played by single players and you donít have to be in a team. These accolades are becoming stupid, they mean nothing now. At least before you had to put a lot of work in to get them.

Finally there was the epic space battle. Yes the boss ship was hard but what really annoyed me was the Remans were flooding the map with cloaked tractor beam mines. At one stage I thought I was playing PvP.

Iíve completed Cutting the Cord 4 times, with my main character, but have had to do the ground part 8 times as Hakeev ended up out of reach the 4 other times. Yes I love the episode but I also hate it.